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My name is Jeremie Guarderas, owner of Thunder Fitness "Your Source To Natural Energy".  I am an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer, Certified USA Boxing Olympic Coach as well as the owner of Thunder Boot Camp, the program that I have been running since 2007.

Here at Thunder Fitness we concentrate on developing natural energy through our exclusive diet & fitness program.


We are not just an exercise "class" that tries to simply make you sweat.  Nope - we take more of a scientific approach and every single one of our programs are designed in advance.  We are so far beyond bootcamps and exercise classes that many people consider our format the "Future" for fitness.

You see, we believe that in order to develop the skills you need to drop body fat and create a well balanced, attractive body (the right, healthy way) - you need to be educated and trained the right way.

Now the fastest way to achieve this "skill" is to train with us as much as you can and soak up all the information we will provide you with on a daily basis.  From nutrition tricks that will help speed up your metabolism and create more energy to teaching you the correct way of training.

But most people can't afford to train with a Certified Personal Trainer 3-5 days a week with unlimited support, let alone receive all the perks that come along with hiring a true professional.  Until now....

This is why I created your 1 stop fitness solution.  That's right - you'll never have to join another program again (nor will you want to).

There is no way I could ever truly explain the experience you will receive with this program.  This is why I am offering you a 100% risk free - 1 week trial pass.

Yep! - That's 1 entire week FREE! See what all the fuss is about!

Free Week Trial

How does the free week trial work?

Simple, all you do is:

As a bonus just for trying
the week out, you will get...

  1. Free Nutrition Program
  2. Vacation Workout Program
  3. Fitness Evaluation
  4. Subscription to our Inner Circle Newsletter

How much would a program like this cost me?

Okay so you want to know how much it would be to join this program...

Review on What's included:


Total value of: $969 mo

You honestly will not believe how affordable I made this program for you... I mean seriously... This program is BY FAR the most advanced, effective program around AND it's 100% AFFORDABLE!

Well, there is a catch....

The catch is, I only want people that want true results and want to train for it.  I don't want people that just want to pop in when they feel like it - twirl their hair around there finger, pop their bubble gym and say "I have a personal trainer - look at me"

Nope... That's not what we are about...

I want you to want results! That simple....

If you can give me 100% then I will give you 1000% (if there's such a thing :)

Oh yeah and did I mention I also offer:



So when you do decide to join - if you are not satisfied at any point within 30 days of your program, just ask for a refund!

Talk about risk free....

Now can you see what I am doing here?

I am taking all the risk out and giving you a safe and honest place to come train without the worry of being ripped off, injured or taken advantage of by sucking you for every dime your worth!

Now come get started with people that care about your results and do your free week trial ASAP!

I can't wait to hear from ya!!!


Committed to your fitness success,

jeremie guarderas

ISSA Certified Personal Trainer

PS.  Remember, there's no risk on your part.  You're fully protected by my 100% Satisfaction or your money back" unconditional guarantee.  So join now and get the best workout of your life tomorrow!

Thunder Fitness

North Jersey, USA


Call: 201 - 618- 6266






testimonial " As a scientist who knows the history of his discipline I am aware that many of the greatest discoveries have occurred at times and/or in places when and/or where they were not expected. " Discovering" Jeremie was one of those moments for me.

Little did I realize two years ago that one simple question at the gym (about technique for squats), would lead to a follow up question from him (Did you ever think about boxing?) and to an amazing new world of exploration that I never would have imagined myself being involved in.. His boxing technique is nothing short of perfection andhis strategic understanding is profound.  His standards are high but he also has the patience that accompanies wisdom.  He is very intelligentand he will guide and encourage you to excel and define new outer boundaries for yourself.  Do not be fooled by his youth , he IS a Master at what he does.  I refer to him as my "Doctor of the Sweet Science".  You should also not be deceived by his congenial disposition. He is as determined to have you excel as you should be.  He is flexible and creative with each workout and adapts them when necessary (e.g. after an injury or surgery) so that you can continue on the path to your goal.

As one who has been an athlete most of his life and been to many gyms I can assure you that Jeremie is a rare find; the ultimate professional and one who possesses, the ever vanishing attributes in our society, integrity and honesty as well.  I recommend him without reservation and encourage you to work with this extraordinary young man.  I can assure you that you will have an unparalleled experience that will be enjoyable, challenging and fulfilling.  It has been a true pleasure to work with him. "

Dr. Edward J O'Connor
Executive Director
Technical Research and Development
Novartis Pharmaceutical Corp.


testimonial " As a stuntman working in film & tv I am always looking to keep my skills sharp and my body in shape.  With a growing amount of fight scenes to film and a boxing movie and tv show coming to the northeast to shoot, I decided it was time to make a change and step up from hitting a heavy bag in my garage to learning the sweet science of boxing.

I joined Final Round Boxing & Fitness gym and through it met Jeremieof Thunder Fitness.  I've been working with him for a few months now and I honestly have to say I'm impressed.

His workouts are great! He knows just how hard to push and nothing ever gets boring.  Every session is something new.

My boxing skills have improved dramatically within the past two months and I'm already at the point now where I am in the ring sparring twice a week and holding my own.

The way Jeremie teaches and trains is top notch and I will be sticking around for a long time! "

Tom Place


testimonial" I have had the pleasure of having Jeremie work with me as an instructor in his Thunder Boot Camp and as a Personal Trainer.  He is challenging, demanding and lots of fun. Being healthy and fit adds quality and years to your life.  If you want to be healthy, strong and fit from the inside out, work with Jeremie.  I strongly recommend his Thunder Boot Camp and his guidance as a Personal Trainer.  Thanks Jeremie for all your help. "

Peggy Liguori


testimonial"I don't even know where to start bragging about Jeremie... So I will start with saying that I been working out for mostly my whole life but after I had 3 children it became apparent that I had to do more then the usual to get back in shape.  I went through several fitness plans and gyms and trainers - Jeremie is the only one I stuck with.

Since I don't have a lot of free time I want to get the most out of my time in the gym.I have stuck with Jeremie for over 2 yrs now and I am in the best shape of my life!He is so patient and has a way of pushing you to do your best - I have no idea how he does it - Simply Amazing...

He also has incredible knowledge about his profession, always making routines not seem routine... Bottom line is my body looks great and I feel great!

Thank You Jeremie! "


testimonial" Before I began training with Jeremie, my workout routine had become just that – routine! I was bored and I wasn't being challenged.  Jeremie's combination of boxing, cardiovascular and strength training allows you to burn calories while sculpting your body at the same time.  I could see the changes in my body almost immediately.  The workouts are varied so that you never get bored and your muscles never knows what's coming next.  He always maintains a motivating and positive attitude.

Jeremie is able to pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses and design a workout specifically for your needs and goals.  He is somehow able to strike a balance between challenging you to your limit, without pushing you too far.

His creative ways of challenging my body has pushed me to a higher level of fitness and has allowed me to achieve my goals.  I have never felt as healthy and strong as I do today, all as a result of training with Jeremie Guarderas. "



testimonial" I have been training with JeremieGuarderes for over 5 years.  I can honestly say there has never been a session I wasn't satisfied with my workout.  Rather than just running laps over and over again, each time I train with him I am surprised with new and challenging ways to get my adrenaline pumping.  In his workouts, Jeremie includes a wide variety of exercises such as boxing, weight lifting, running, completing obstacle courses, and other great ways to get yourself moving and put your body into great shape.

I love training with Jeremie because he takes the time to get to know my personal fitness goals and my success with dancing for example.  I have been dancing competitively since I was five years.  When I started with Jeremie he took my dancing into consideration, and strengthened the parts of my body that will help with my dancing.  After a month all of my dance teachers and myself noticed a huge improvement in the way I was dancing.  Not only did he help raise my physical endurance, but he made me a lot stronger and more energized to perform at my best.  When Jeremie took me as a client he devoted his full knowledge and compassion into helping me with my goals.  He went above and beyond teaching me how to eat healthy and how I should pace my workouts to reach my full potential.

His fun and energetic personality definitely motivates me to push harder and finish what I started when I begin to struggle.  Ever since I have been training with Jeremie I do not regret one thing he has taught me.  I still use his techniques on my own at the gym while I am away at school.  When I am off at college Jeremie often checks in on my fitness and staying on track to reach my goal.  I am so happy to have someone like Jeremie in my life as my personal trainer, my fitness guide, and one of my very good friends. "


Terms & Conditions: Individual results may vary. The products and/or services offered are not intended to treat or cure any disease. Before undertaking any physical activity or taking any supplement it is recommended that you consult your physician. Information presented on these pages is for informational and educational purposes only and should not be considered medical advice.
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