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Hi, I’m Jeremie

Certified Fitness Trainer, Personal Coach and Owner

I made a HUGE discovery on what's needed to achieve results that last. 

Exercise alone won't get you the results you're looking for.

We all need a combination of 3 things... 

1. Exercise (definitely important for our health/appearance)

2. Nutrition (We all know what to eat but WHY can't we eat it...)

3. Accountability (Someone to help you create a start and end point so there are achievable benchmarks along the way) 


The Ultimate Method to keeping your Body Safe & Injury Free

While getting amazing results. that you can finally create a routine that you not only enjoy but that takes care of your body and SHOWS! 


The Glue To Your Success. that you never feel alone or frustrated again.  This is the MOST important part when trying to achieve results that last. 


This is what separates us from ALL the noise out there.

Ever see a new "fancy" workout place pop up in your newsfeed...


They promise you the world...


It looks amazing...


Then you hand over your credit card and all the broken promises surface.


You're pushed to the side and forgotten about (you're just a number).

With us, we are with you every step of the way!  

You're results become our obsession.


World's Simplest Meal Plan that you can finally become a person that eats well without flipping your entire diet upside down.  

While you are cleaning up your nutrition & poor habits, you will also have the options to use our Meal Prep Service for the meals you struggle with.  We will match the exact meals you need that align with your goals (and so that you don't become overwhelmed and give up).

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“Thunder Fitness has changed my life.


I was able to not only lose 20lbs, but build muscle and transform my body.


I have always been nervous about working out in a group setting and have dealt with anxiety for a long time, but TF is different than other “gyms”.


This place is a game changer, and the best decision you’ll make for yourself.” 


—  Dana

TF Client Since 2019


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