Can I Lose weight and Build Muscle?

"I Want to Lose Weight first and then Build Muscle”

There's a common belief out there that believes losing body fat and building muscle are two different programs. They don’t want to get too “bulky” as the saying goes and may want to just stick to walking on the treadmill or run outside. Now to most, that may not sound too bad or seems legit, and can be a great way for us to start moving if we haven’t for a while, however, there’s a lot more to it than that. Before going forward on this, no matter what training style or goal, if our nutrition isn’t good or on the verge of getting better, then nothing we do will make a difference. Let’s now take a look at if there are differences or similarities between the two workout programs.

Why Not Do Both?

The answer to the question..Can I lose weight and build muscle. Is absolutely yes! The overall difference between the two programs is really next to none. As stated before in past blogs, when we build muscle, we are actually burning fat at the same time! 1 pound of muscle can actually burn twice as much calories as compared to 1 pound of body fat. To lose one pound of body fat, we need to burn somewhere around 3,500 calories. What happens is the body uses its anaerobic metabolism from using oxygen to break down fat and build muscle that can last up to 2 days after one single workout! Usually why we tend to be more sore 2 days later is because our body’s are recovering and building the fibers back up. Sometimes we see after let's say walking on a treadmill or going for a long walk, we may burn more calories right then and there as compared to a weight training workout, but the body is not building any muscle and the body is done burning anything right after. Not too mention, we can eat those calories back if we are not watching what we eat. After comparing the numbers, we’d burn more calories in total as compared to just some basic cardio.

Goals Differ, So Does the Style of Training

Depending on what our individual goals are will determine the style of weight training we will do. For example, when we do workouts like HIIT training, we are more likely trying to get leaner and better our cardiovascular health. When we train this way, it doesn’t mean we are not building muscle, on the contrary, we are a matter of fact building muscle quicker than we anticipate. Someone that is more focused on strength training and lifting heavier weight all the time with reps staying somewhere within a 1-6 rep range, may not be too concerned about lowering their body fat percentage. They may lose some weight, but not at a rate they probably could or really want too. So let’s not get caught up in all the hype of old beliefs thinking building muscle and losing body fat are completely two different things and not something that can coexist. If that’s what we are after and are not interested in really building too much muscle, that’s ok too, however just realize the body functions better overall when we have proper muscle in place. That also goes for our internal organs as well being able to work the way that they are supposed to be. Remember why we are training in the first place, we aren’t doing this just for a physique competition, we are doing this for a better life both mentally and physically. Embrace having some muscle, because the body fat won't.

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