3 Reason's to Be Aware of Fitness Trends

Updated: Jan 24

Here We Go Again..

We hear it and see it from all angles especially this time of year! When everyone is is so eager and ready to jump on the new fitness trend and get their health in order..”Again” and really mean it “this time” when they say will stick to it this time and may be telling the truth in that moment in time, but unfortunately just like most people, time goes by, that excitement goes away and they start falling back into that groundhog day routine where they just say, “I will try again next week”. Then that week turns into weeks, then months, then years in some cases. This isn’t because these are bad and lazy people, far from it! Unfortunately it's just mostly because they haven’t really known what their true goals were and how to actually achieve them. No matter what trends come and go when it comes to either workouts or nutrition plans, it means nothing if we can’t follow it the rest of our lives.

Similar but Different

When it comes to sticking to a certain nutrition plan, the body will go through certain changes. Whether it is during some sort of caloric deficit, or eating more than the body is used too, all of our bodies will react differently due to our own thermic effect of food(TEF). That can vary depending on any individual’s active or non active lifestyle. Even though it may look the same on the outside like eating our

  • Protein

  • Leafy greens

  • Whole Carbs

  • Healthy Fats

We still can’t all follow the same plan. This goes as well with our training regimens. Just because we see someone perform a weight for 100 reps, doesn’t mean we all have too. They may have been in the gym for a very long time before that as compared to someone just starting out and wanting to achieve something else. Each of our fitness levels requires us to start at different levels.

Proper Mindset

We can’t accomplish anything without the proper mindset. We can’t just jump on a nutrition/workout plan for all the wrong reasons. If the plan is not in line with what the actual goal of the individual is, it may not be the right one. So if the mind isn’t all in and can’t make someone feel on fire or motivated then odds are they will give up and fail probably because they shouldn’t have been doing it from the gecko. Not to mention it can cloud up the mind and be harder to think or sleep properly because of the amount of physical and mental stress they put themselves under due to the realization that this wasn’t what they thought it was. Really look inside and figure out what the actual goal is and find the right one to stick with long term. Click here for Ways to Help Deal With Stress

Circumstances Dictate Individual Limits

Extreme circumstances can dictate whether or not one can follow any plan. Some examples include:

  • Allergies to foods

  • Diabetes(low blood sugar)

  • Gut Health(sometimes food can’t digest properly)

  • Physical Disability like bad shoulder,knee, etc or directed by a physician to not do so for a particular reason.

Talking to a fitness or nutrition professional can help figure out what to do and how to work around it. The hard truth is even healthy food can have side effects if the body’s not absorbing and digesting it properly and training can be tough physically for some however, not impossible. Listen to the body about what needs to happen and be self aware of how and what needs to happen in order to achieve our goals and do the best we can at it, don’t just listen to the ad.