Training Multiple Times a Day, Do We Need To?

Can I work out multiple times a day?

Very similar to any workout program, nutrition plan, lifestyle, etc, we all have things that differentiate us from one another that require some changes and modifications when it comes to our healthier lifestyles we choose. In other words to answer this question, it really depends, but not really required or recommended either.

“These people I see on social media do it though!”

Yes, we may follow people on social media that might look like physical specimens who might train multiple times a day. Then they make it seem like we should do everything how they do it when they do it however they do it. We can’t fall into this trap way of thinking. Believe me I’ve tried and failed haha. Sure we could take some advice, but what we don’t see most of the time is that this is all what these people do and probably get paid for and may even compete in competitions. Not saying this is all bad, far from it, but that requires a type of commitment and sacrifice that may take us away from people or things we care about the most. If we can live this way, by all means stay with it! Never would tell anyone to stop as long as they remain happy and make sure their overall health and environment stays strong.

The average person or even someone starting out on their health journey really should avoid training multiple times a day because this could increase the risk of injury because the body hasn’t been able to recover as well as it should. Maybe after a while they can give it a shot and see how it feels. Some options we could do instead are:

  • Go for a walk/Hike

  • Stretch

  • Foam roll

  • Rest/Sleep

  • Meditate

Remember, none of this matters unless we keep an eye of what we are eating and drinking because we can’t out train an unhealthy food regimen. No matter how hard we train, again I’ve tried and it doesn't work and it sucks haha.

Trust the Process

Who’s heard this before? Who’s sick of hearing it? Haha We’ve heard or read this probably more times than we can count, but it really is true. Sometimes we have to hear or read something multiple times for it to finally stick and that's ok. It’s part of the process. Now we just have to trust and believe in it. Any little win or loss on the way is all a part of it but we must keep going too. Will it be easy no, will it suck at times, absolutely, will we fail...yes! The most important part...IT IS WORTH IT!! Stay strong everyone!

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