I Can't Workout I Need Equipment...Right?

I Need A Lot of Equipment to Train Don’t I?

People tend to ask us if its a true necessity to buy a bunch of gym equipment to be able to train at home. You might be thinking, yes of course we do! How else could we lose weight and gain muscle without it?! Don’t get me wrong, having some equipment to use will definitely be beneficial to our workout routine, however, it's not a dire need and not as essential as we might tend to believe it is.

The Body Doesn’t Know the Difference

Whether it's a barbell, band, body weight, or even a cinder block, the body only knows resistance and tension. There’s no trigger our body goes through that transitions from one or the other when we use any of them. During body weight training, the body uses resistance against gravity itself to start building muscle and lose fat so we can definitely get a great workout in without worrying what kind of equipment we have or if any. Usually starting out, it’s especially more ideal to stick to body weight so we can start building a good foundation for:

  • Technique

  • Stability

  • Flexibility

before adding any type of heavier resistance or more challenging body weight exercises. Don’t get discouraged if we can’t find any equipment or are just starting out and have trouble using any extra equipment at all. Remember, we are all at different levels at our fitness journey and we all started out as beginners as well. Mastering our own body weight will pay dividends in the long run.

Different Goals, Different Routines

Besides of course getting overall healthier lives, we will have different goals which will require some differences in how we train and perform each exercise routine. Some want to get:

  • Leaner

  • Bigger

  • Faster

  • Quicker

Which might require more:

  • Slower tempos

  • Duration

  • Split/Full body routines

With different energy systems needed to perform each at their best capabilities. Deciding how we want to go about our fitness journeys will all depend on what we want individually. Bottom line, the body doesn’t know the difference in how we use resistance; it just knows resistance, so never underestimate the power of using our own body as exercise equipment.

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