Mother of All Ab Routines (video)

April 18, 2017

I have a nice little Ab Circuit that you can incorporate into your next workout… 


And for me, it’s “The Mother of All Ab Workouts” 


I say this since it’s literally two exercises performed one after another that will arguably be the hardest two exercises that you can combine in a safe way.  


I’m not trying to completely KILL your abs so that you fail out and your low back feels pain… Instead, I’m trying to create the hardest series that you can complete without injuring yourself. 


Obviously everyone is different so you just need to modify to your needs.


Now please forward this to a guy friend or husband since I think it’s important for all men to read.  


I forget where I read this but I remember reading about the psychology of how a women perceives a man with abs and how a man perceives a man with abs.  


A women doesn’t just look at a man with abs and think “that’s hot” just for nothing…  (although women may think that’s what they’re thinking of) but research explains WHY they are thinking it… Women subconsciously think of a man with abs “That is a healthy man with discipline and one who can take care of me better” then they went on about the origins of mankind and how the fittest of the fit protect and survive.  


They also did a study where they showed a picture of a man with abs to 3,000 men.  They asked why would they want to have abs like the man in the photo.  

More than 80% said “because he looks happy” 


You would think most men would bang on their chest and say: 

“to have more sex”

“to be more desirable” 

“to have more confidence”

“to take my shirt off at the beach and be proud” 

“to be a excellent example of a fit dad” 

“to be in control” 

“to know I’m doing my best for my health” 


Think about it, these are all things that would help a normal man become happier.


Remember, a good looking, fit body is nothing more than a strong, healthy body.  I’m not saying healthy bodies can’t get sick or catch an illness.  BUT… At least you can help fight the odds.


With that said, here are 3 variations for “The Mother of All Ab Workouts” 


Now this is VERY general… Obviously I don’t know your limitations and abilities so make your own modifications.  Remember that something is better than nothing so you don’t need to kill it.  Just do any workout that is challenging for you and be safe! 




Ab Tucks 10x / Inch-Worm 5x (instead of drag) 

Complete one set then rest 60 seconds before doing your second and final round



Ab Tuck 15x / Drag 20 seconds 

Repeat 2 Non-Stop / Rest 60 seconds, complete a total of 2 rounds   



Sandbag Ab Tuck 20x / Drag 30 seconds 

Repeat 3x Non-Stop / Rest 60 seconds, complete a total of 2 rounds 






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