Workout For Men, Sorry Ladies :(

April 14, 2017



This one is for the men so read and share with someone you think would like this email.  Be a hero :)


(Although women can still do & enjoy the workout below) 


Now I call this workout “Release The Inner Alpha” 


If you’re anything like me, the days of “competing” with sports, girls, books etc. are long gone.  Or whatever your thing was back in day ;) that required some sort of Inner Alpha to arise… Yes, hitting the books requires that inner alpha.  It may not externally appear the same as an athlete’s inner alpha would but internally, it’s the same.


So this workout I created for you kinda wakes up that beast again… 


After all, why should we let it sleep just because we’re getting older in age?


There’s nothing wrong with a workout that gives you the urge to beat on your chest like King Kong…


Lol I know ladies, weird… But like I said, it’s a guy thing…


So without further ado, here’s the workout… 

(After a proper warm up) 


Pull Ups 10 (assisted or not) 

Push Ups 15

SandBag Ab Tuck 20x

Plank Punches 25x ea.

Boxing Heavy Bag 1, 2 Punches 30 seconds 


20 minutes - complete as many rounds as possible 


So you will be hitting all 3 energy systems:


ATP System - This is your short burst like the boxing (helps get you cut up)


Glycolytic Pathway System - these are the majority of the exercises (help decrease those glycogen stores so you don’t overload and gain body fat)


Oxidative Phosphorylative Pathway System - this is the energy that keeps you going for the entire workout (helps burn body fat) 









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