Do you BS yourself...

March 13, 2019




I don’t get tough with you guys often but today I will :) 


So listen up! 


Okay just kidding… 


No but really… You guys need to start listening to me with this habit stacking philosophy.  I think I’m becoming like a 200 yr old monk full of ancient wisdom!


hahahaha… Okay I’m kidding again…. 


But seriously… 


I had another breakthrough that sounds like nothing outside looking in but it is a huge learning lesson.  So I need to share it.


Two months ago, I decided that I wanted to start my week off better by creating some momentum for Monday.   I hated that I wasn’t as sharp as I could be on a Monday morning at 5:30am.  I’m sure you can relate… 


So instead of doing what I’ve been doing my entire life which is- “dealing with it” 


I decided to do something about it and take a look at what I wanted my goal to be:  “Start my Mondays off with great energy so I can have great momentum for the week” 


Now that I have my goal… I need to identify what skill sets I need to achieve this goal…


Then after I identify the skill sets required to meet my goal, I need to create and stick to daily practices (habits) that will develop the skills required to hit my goal.


Now our first class starts at 5:30 am so this means I have to be at the gym and on the treadmill by 4:30am (On a Monday morning).


So the first Monday rolls around… I’m like ugh… Why did I commit to this idea?… 


But one of the most important rules to hitting goals is:  “you have to develop a reputation with yourself” 


Other people may know you as one person but you know the real you.  And you can BS the world and yourself for so long but eventually you have to face the truth (if you’re serious about your goals).


So I could of easily rolled over and went back to sleep and who would know… There’s no one waiting for me… There’s no one there to make me feel guilty… No one knows  my idea , I could come up with an excuse why I’m not doing it… etc… 


Essentially, it’s all on me.


I have been going through this Monday after Monday battle for the past 2.5 months.  


Here’s what happened along the way…  I mean this is some real stuff right here that I’m sure many of you can relate to. 


First few weeks - I try and talk myself OUT of it.


I overcome this obstacle (negative talk) by tricking my mind into believing it’s working (it wasn’t at this point - at all)


Half way through… I’m about to stop.


It’s not working, there’s only so long I can trick myself into believing something that’s not true.


Now at this point most of us “fall off” 


This is the phase where most people just quit.


Now I was literally convinced that this was not working for me and I’m just not cut out for moving in the morning.  You know, cause I’ve gone my entire life not doing it so I must not be cut out for it. (Self-doubt is a real thing and you are probably so used to hearing it, you don’t even recognize when you’re doing it) 


But I have a reputation with myself and when I’m in, there’s no way out.


So as much as it sucked (at the moment) I stuck with it.


And then the breakthrough… 


2.5 months later (which felt like 2.5 years) the clocks change.  I didn’t adjust to the time change so I ended up going to bed an hour later!  And I still have to wake up at 4 but it’s “really” 3:00 am since I personally didn’t adjust to the time change.


Although my body didn’t adjust to the clock change, something else did change…




I felt a real sense of power… 


It was weird.


I was like READY.


I was excited for my Monday morning run!


My thoughts were “I’m going to turn up the speed tomorrow” 


And was literally excited about it.


Sure enough… Got on that treadmill and MOVED!! 


Felt better than ever! 


Here’s what you guys need to think about…. 


We don’t have a million Mondays to live.  Stop starting goals and giving up on them.  If you say you’re going to do something, develop that reputation with YOURSELF that you’re going to do it.


Goals are tricky but there is a formula which is:

Daily Practices >> Develop the Skill Set Required To Achieve >> Your Goal 


Actually your real focus should be on personal growth (but that's another blog)


For time being, trust this process (formula) and stick to it no matter what... cause you will want to quit - that’s a guarantee… So you have to believe.


Believing is achieving.


And remember that you need to develop a real reputation with yourself and THEN watch the magic happen. 


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Do you BS yourself...

March 13, 2019

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