April 22, 2019

Have your kids ever said something like... “Mom/Dad, my friends are so much faster than me, it’s not fair!”



 Sometimes kids can just be born genetically quicker than others without any reason at all. However, that doesn't mean one can’t train themselves in a way to make themselves much faster and stronger than the average Joe. One of the best ways to train this way, is by doing not just squats but lots of split squats.


Can they really benefit?


Split squats are a lower body exercise that most athletes use for more than just building muscle in their legs. This type of training teaches:


  • Balance

  • Coordination

  • Stability in the joints in a unilateral position        


In just about any type of sport or athletic competition, it requires the need of a single leg position in multiple planes. That being said, it is important to train and strengthen all of them.


Wow that's a lot!


 Split squats have many advanced variations so it is important to start from the beginning.


One of my favorite quotes about this comes from Mike Boyle stating, “When does the risk outweigh the reward when it comes to squatting?”


So we want to make sure we start with the basics. You can just start from just the bottom of a split squat and stand up from that position. Once you master that, you can then progress from there by doing regular split squats, side split squats, weighted, jumping, weighted jumping, plyometric, and the list goes on. Sounds like fun don't it!


Give it a try!


 Of course they don't need to start with weights. Doing body weight split squats works just as well especially as they age. Kids will get much stronger the more they grow. Not too mention if you can't do your own body weight, you really shouldn't be doing any weights regardless of age. Some quick topic points from this are:


  • Start doing split squats from the bottom and body weight

  • They build athletic performance the more they do them

  • The faster they get, the happier your kids will be and the better you will feel about making your kids happy.


 As a bonus, the more they get interested in doing these styles of workouts, the more likelihood they will be interested and excited about bettering their overall health which is the real overall goal.  


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