Keep Working that Back!

May 13, 2019


No Back No Attack


When you look in the mirror after a workout, what do you usually only focus on first? The front of your body right?! We all flex our muscles, pose, feeling great and proud of ourselves. Now, how many of you all turn around and try to flex and pose the muscles in your back? No? Probably because there might not be any back there.


There's no way to truly attack your overall training or sporting event without training your muscles in the back even if you can’t see what's back there.


There's a lot back there


The back is composed of many muscles. The biggest are the Trapezius(Traps) and the Latissimus Dorsi(Lats). Most of us forget about the smaller muscles like the:

  • Posterior Deltoids (delts)

  • Rhomboids

  • Erector Spinae (erectors) 

Then there's the rotator cuff muscles which lie on the shoulder blades which are

  • Subscapularis

  • Infraspinatus

  • Supraspinatus

  • Teres Minor

  • Teres Major

There's some smaller muscles as well but we don't have to go too far into depth on the anatomy. Especially since those will get trained by the regular big lifts like rows when we train. These muscles not only help with athletic performance and weight training, but with overall posture.



How Does this Apply


What I say all the time to my clients until I'm blue in the face is “chest proud, back flat”. Well you can't keep your chest proud without a flat back. Same goes for a lot of athletes in baseball, football, hockey, and basketball. A lot of their athletic positions are chest proud with a flat engaged back showing they are ready to go. When it is not engaged, it can lead to some serious injuries because nothing is firing and turned on.That could be why you are also having lower back pain in your deadlifts. No one wants to look like a scared cat while weight training.


So when you train with either a barbell, dumbell, bands, sandbags, etc. it's the same cues all around which are

  • Chest Proud

  •  Back Flat

  • Flex the Hip

  • Engage Core

  • Reach the Arm

  • Retract the Back







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