Pack On those Carbs!

May 20, 2019

Oh No! Not Carbs!



Carbs get such a bad rep. From the lack of understanding what it really is and what it can do to us. Now no one's saying eat so much of it or have a handful of candy and sugar from it. What we need to do is eat the right kind of quality carbs.


Good Ones/Bad Ones


Some carbs that can be really beneficial to your health are

  • Brown rice

  • Sweet Potatoes

  • Oats

  • Fruits

  • Veggies                                                                                                                   

Even some small amounts of milk products contain carbs however I don't recommend having a glass of milk right before a class.


Some that are not good to have are anything with high amounts of sweeteners. If you see anything with names like

  • Low Calorie Foods

  • Diet Soda (ironically)

Those are not good to have high amounts of or any at all. These can also be found in highly processed foods. No positive correlation have been found between these kinds of foods and healthy body weight.




Do you ever feel a lot happier or at least in a better mood after eating any carbs? I know I do. Well that's because the glucose in the foods are the primary source of fuel for the brain and central nervous system. So one might be tired or lack enough energy to train sometimes just because they didn't get enough proper fuel earlier in the day to do so. Not only is it the brain's primary fuel source, it also:

  • Provides high intensity energy

  • Helps liver function normally,(since its stored there)

  • Protein sparing

How much do i eat?   


The amount of carbs the average person should eat averages about 45-65% of your daily food intake. It all depends on one’s lifestyle. There are tools and formulas like the glycemic index and glycemic load to help decide this. So instead of having two or more servings of those mashed potatoes which I’m not gonna lie sounds awesome and very tempting, stick to just one and already you should start seeing differences in your workouts and how you feel overall. As much as we might not need so much of it, carbs are still a very crucial part of our lives.





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