How to Create Speed in the Swing

June 11, 2019

Power in the Glutes


The glutes are the  most powerful muscle in the body and a lot of people seem to not be able to use it properly. Even by just bending over and picking up a quarter on the ground, most of the time people are not using their glutes but instead their back. Using this muscle the right way can take a lot of pain away from their bodies. One of the ways we like to strengthen and fire this muscle up is by doing a kettlebell swing.


Hinge that Hip!


We usually get pretty confused about how we do this particular exercise. When I tell my clients to hinge at the hip, they tend to think I mean squatting. Now squatting of course is great too but not when we are trying to focus and emphasize on when we are talking about the hips. The squat is more of a knee extension exercise. What we need

to do is bend at the hip joint and have our weight shifted back on the glutes and ankles. This technique will have you having much less stress on the lower back and a much safer way to work the hips. Pretend as if you were trying to push your chair in at your office desk with your hips.


Same Cues Apply


As I have stated before in one of my blogs about the dumbbell row, you want to make sure your:

  • Back is flat

  • Your chest proud

  • Core engaged

  • Slight bend in your knees

A lot of exercises have the same techniques so to clarify, you want to master the movement.

Swing Away!


Once you get the technique down, you want to start with the kettlebell right in front of you on the ground a few inches from your toes:

  • Grab hold of kettlebell

  • Swing it back like snapping a football (Snapping a football)

  • Extend the hip

  • Let momentum help with the rest.

Mind you, have your arms loose like two ropes wrapped around a kettlebell. What I mean by this don't shift the focus from your hips to your arms and shoulders and raise it up like your doing a front raise. Doing this exercise will raise that metabolic heart rate up and have those glutes firing on all cylinders.


Take Away


Bottom line (no pun intended) here's what we can take from this:

  • Hinge at the hip

  • Hips are the powerhouse of the body (thank you Gray Cook)

  • Same technique applies

  • Kettlebell swing is a glute dominant exercise

  • It's fun and a much safer way to strengthen those glutes.







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