Sometimes Reaching Back Isn't Enough

July 22, 2019

Need to be more than Swole


How do you feel after chest day? Strong I bet, I know I do. Sometimes we tend to train the chest so much, we neglect one of the most important things we need to do and that's stretching the muscle out. 


Protect that Posture


When we train the upper body whether if its the chest or shoulders too much, our anatomy tends to start rounding out. Every muscle or joint starts to get a lot tighter and develop some knots in it just like any muscle in the body. Performing this stretch will help target these issues by:

  • Helping the movement in the shoulder joint

  • Stretching the chest muscles out such as the pec major and pec minor

  • Assist in shoulder blade and scapula movement 

  • Help prevent Upper Cross Syndrome (Valgas)


Start them Now, Just Not as Often


Of course kids and the youth can do this stretch. Learning the technique now can be very beneficial for them later on in life. The younger they are, however, they don't necessarily need to do it as often as say someone in their mid teen years or older. Their muscular anatomy, tissues, and bone density are a little more naturally flexible due to them still growing so their need for it is not as strong or demanding. We don't want them developing any kind of hypermobility. Usually just doing a few reps here and there for the time being will do just the trick. 


Bring it Around the World!





The proper technique to perform this stretch is:

  • Pull band apart just enough to have no slack in the band 

  • With the arms straight the whole time, go as far as possible up and around the  head without any twisting and turning 

  • Make sure to pinch shoulder blades  

  • Wrists are straight and locked in the whole time

  •  Return to beginning 





Another benefit for the youth being flexible in their upper body is it helps their sprint technique. Having their chest stretched out and shoulders rotating the right way and in the right position, they will be able to stay fluent in their sprinting pattern with pumping their arms and keeping their “chest proud”. Told you guys I'll say that till I'm blue in the face.



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