Don't be Weighed Down by Life Break Through It!

August 19, 2019

Weight of the World


We’ve all been there. No matter how happy and strong we try to be all the time for the youth and ourselves, we sometimes can't get out of this mental funk we get in. Between jobs, bills, eating habits, family, let alone training, we sometimes lose our drive and get so discouraged, we tend to feel like the weight of the world is on our shoulders. That’s when we need to push through that dark cloud we’re in and stand tall. 


Their Always Watching


We set the tone for the next generation. Whether we believe it or not, our young athletes and kids absorb everything they see us doing or not doing. This can affect them mentally before or even during a session. By no means are any of us perfect and mite have a legitimate reason to be upset, nor am I telling you all how to be parents far from it, I'm saying us collectively as one unit if you will as coaches and parents need to work together to help grow the next generation for the better. 


Starts in the Mind


Some ways I myself train my own mind through hardships and get some mental clarity is by:

  • Meditation for 5 min at least if not longer

  • Watch Motivational Videos-Click here 

  • Read business, culture, and business books

  • Write my own thoughts down to clear some mental space in a productive way

  • Weight train/Run 

These are what works for me during hard times. What works for you? Is it doing some of these things I've mentioned or is there something different? Going for a walk, talking to someone, or anything like that helps as long as it benefits and strengthens yourself and your family.A good quote that describes this best is by someone I've mentioned before is by


Les Brown who says “Our ability to handle life's challenges is a measure of our strength of character.” Find your family niche and become stronger both mentally and physically together whether it's even just the kids staying off social media and go for a family walk at the park. No matter what, squat the weight of the world down, stand up and breakthrough it.  



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