September 4, 2019

What's the Point of the Chinup?


The chinup is one of the best upper body exercises anyone can do regardless of age to get stronger. No matter what the sport the child is playing, doing the chin up will have great benefits on athletic performance. Just about every sport or competitive competition requires the need for a strong back whether they are tackling someone on the field or skating on the ice. As soon as they get stronger and learn the technique, they will soon see the difference in their performance. 


Muscles Worked


Now the chin up is considered more of a back dominant exercise which include the:

  • Lats

  • Traps

  • Rhomboids

  • Rear Delts

There is a little more to it than that. Not only does it include the rotator cuff as well, it also helps strengthen the:

  • Abdominal Muscles(Rectus, Transverse, Obliques,Serratus Anterior)

  • Biceps

  • Forearm 

  • Glutes (a little bit)

The core muscles and the glutes act as a stabilizer for the body that way it helps prevent any swaying back and forth while they are pulling themselves up. The biceps and forearms get a lot of great work as well with the hands facing upward and with the arms hanging on the bar, it becomes a somewhat bodyweight bicep curl exercise. Almost every muscle in the upper body gets worked on during the movement. 


Performing the Chinup 


Now no matter the age, athletic ability, strength, we all gotta start somewhere to work up to performing this exercise because it does require a great amount of strength. To perform this movement, first they must:

  • Grip the bar with the palms facing up and squeeze the bar

  • Step off a bench or box and hang from the bar

  • Brace the core and glute muscles

  • Pull the body upward while keeping those elbows tight against the body


Other Variations


There’s different ways to start training to perform the chin up. Some ways are doing: 

It's all about progression. They are all different in size an


d strength, but that doesn't mean they can achieve it. Another quote I personally believe helps describe this the best is by someone I've mentioned before is Les Bowen who says”You don't have to be great to start, you gotta start to be great!”


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