Foods Young Athletes Need to Eat to Get Back on Track

September 9, 2019

It's not as easy as it looks


Nutrition is one of the hardest parts to keep track of when it comes to transitioning to a healthier lifestyle. Odds are, it is the toughest if you ask me, especially for kids. No matter what style of training they are performing or what they are training for, having the proper nutrients consumed into the body is key to getting stronger and leaner. There are certain foods that can help target stubborn areas such as the upper and lower back  which is an area I hear about a lot from kids to older adults. Let's take a look at them. 





Fiber nutrient based foods can help children stay fuller longer, thus helping control those cravings for unhealthy foods throughout the day. Some good options are:

  • Sweet Potatoes which are also loaded with carotenoids that help stabilize blood sugar and lower insulin resistance.

  • Oatmeal which packs 20g of protein in 1 cup.

Some others include onions, leeks, rye, and barley.


Inflammatory Foods


A lot of refined flours, sugars, artificial sweeteners, and processed meats can lead to an increase in inflammation throughout the body. Foods such as:

  • Soda

  • Snack bars

  • Vegetable oils

  • Fried foods

  • Fast food

  • Candy

  • Pizza

  • Hot dogs

Are some of the biggest culprits kids tend to overeat all the time. Now we know the younger the children are, the easier it is to burn off these foods and not feel so inflamed, but that doesn't mean they should be living off them. Instead, they can try eating a little more antioxidant rich foods like:

  • Dark chocolate(over 70% cacao)

  • Berries(blueberries, strawberries, raspberries)

These are high in flavonoids which can help fight inflammation. 




A huge culprit that's in a lot of foods is salt. Consuming this can cause a rapid increase in weight gain and bloating due to the salt carrying that extra fluid in the body. Having more than the recommended intake of 2,300 mg, can increase their cravings throughout the day. So when in doubt, take the salt out. 


Kids will be kids


It's all about moderation. No matter how much we all try to have them eat 100% clean, it's not gonna happen. We want what’s  best for the kids, but just like the rest of us, they are not perfect. By exposing them to healthier alternatives while growing up and with a proper training program, they will learn one day what makes them feel better and what doesn't. Just find the balance.



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