4 Ways for Young Athletes to Stay Focused on Their Dreams

October 15, 2019

Big Dreamers


What fire’s kids up? What drives children to want to work or train harder? Is there something inside that makes them so fired up it burns at their core? At such a young age, kids tend to be big dreamers and want to be exactly like their heroes on TV or any role models in their lives. Sometimes, they are driven by what's going on in their life whether if its good or bad and can't be convinced otherwise that they can't do something or accomplish anything. Now, how long does that drive last? 


Older they get, the more challenges they face


Like the rest of us, the older we get, the more challenges life throws at us which can not only distract us, but make us unmotivated as well. Especially with the youth of today being so exposed to so much more than generations past, they may be a lot smarter than we were at their age. However, with that much exposure, it can be too much for them to handle or understand that it can cause them to be confused and upset to the point it can make them feel unmotivated to not even want to go outside and play let alone train. That’s when they need to remember their dreams and stay focused on them more than ever. There are ways to help them out.


Ideas to help them achieve their dreams


Here are some ways to help them stay focused:


Discover their passion- Sometimes they don't even know what their passion is until you see it and encourage them to go after it.

Take Interest and stay positive- When kids see that you took an interest in what their passion is, it'll show them you care and that they can talk to you about it anytime. Even if it changes, support their journey and stay positive. 

Set short term goals- These will help them stay focused and driven with these little wins if you will to achieve their overall goal. 

Celebrate when they accomplish the small goals- They will start to feel more empowered when they feel that satisfaction of achieving their goal. 


Now if you do these already that's great! This is not calling out anyone, this is just some ideas to try out. Having children live their dreams is what's important in the end. 




Gym and Life Go Hand and Hand


The gym is just a tool to help strengthen their minds just as much as the bodies. It will challenge them mentally to push through the hardships so they can grow and achieve greatness no matter the goal they set out for. Sometimes the breakthrough at the gym by just being able to run faster or even just being able to do a single pushup, can be the breakthrough they needed for something more.





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