Is Core Recovery Really that Important for Athletic Performance?

October 21, 2019

One of the Best Feelings 


Gotta love the feeling after an ab workout. The feeling after burning that muscle after a  great workout knowing fat is burning off and a six pack will be coming through especially in time for beach season. Now of course having a good nutrition plan is very important to have but just like any other muscle in the body, it needs to recover for it to grow. Click here Foods for Abs


More than just Resting can Help



Some ways of course could be the use of heating pads or icing the abdomen. This is good, just not as beneficial as doing some stretching or foam rolling. A particular stretch that can help a lot is the cobra. This is a popular yoga stretch that helps strengthen the lower back as well as lengthen the abdomen. How to perform this stretch is:

  • Lay face down with their hands underneath their shoulders.

  • Lift up the chest and shoulders 

  • Keep the legs on the ground the whole time.

  • Hold,Breathe,Repeat

  • More Stretches Click here

Foam rolling the muscles in the core is

 good for the myofascial release of the muscle and can also help the diaphragm deep inside the core which will help the breathing during any exercise or sporting competition. How to perform this exercise by:

  • Lay on the back with their knees bent 

  • Grab a foam roller and place on the stomach

  • Gently place some pressure on the roller and roll it down and back and breathe slowly. More Foam rolling Click here



A good compliment to these ways to help recover is by drinking lots of water and keep the muscles hydrated. This will also help the metabolism in the digestive system and help flush out any extra fat or toxins out of the body and build muscle. Have a good balance of all the above will not only help with their physique, but in their overall performance on the field and in the gym.



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