Carol Lost 12lbs in 8 Weeks & 19lbs in 16 Weeks!

What was life like before starting with us at Thunder Fitness?

Before Thunder Fitness I always had a gym membership, but never would go.  I would start off strong, then quickly become bored with my routine, or just didn't see results.  So it wasn't long until I went back to old habits.


What obstacles did you overcome to join Thunder Fitness?

One of the obstacles I had to overcome was dedicating time to workout. I work 12 hour shifts, so setting an alarm on my days off to get up to train was torture. Now I'm up and ready to go! There is no better way to start my day!!     If I don't start my day at TF, it's just not a good day!


How has being a TF member affected your life?

Being @ TF is being surrounded by the most positive group of people I know! Jeremie, Aaron and Ilana are so supportive and encouraging it's makes me want to be a better version of my fitness self!! The group of members follow suit, the best cheerleaders you could ask for! Everyone is so happy for everyone else's success, and supportive and encouraging when you slip.


What specific results have you achieved from Thunder Fitness?

I joined TF in early summer... I was hooked immediately on the training sessions, but didn't really get serious about the nutrition aspect until Oct. Once I put the two together, I lost 12lbs in 8 weeks!! Maintained the loss throughout the holidays, and now 16 weeks in, I've lost 19 lbs!!!! Not sure about the inches, but since none of my clothes fit, I'm guessing theyre down alot, too!


If someone was on the fence for joining Thunder Fitness, what would you tell them?

When I first joined, I asked one of the members (Later found out it was Pam DeNardis) how long she had been coming, and that she was my inspiration! Everyone is getting better every day @ their own pace! You will not find a more supportive, positive, encouraging group of people anywhere!!! 24/7 emails, fb group, texts....someone is always there to keep you on track!


What is your favorite part of Thunder Fitness?

My favorite part of TF is the camaraderie! We are all busy with job and family obligations, but we all come together to work out, support and encourage each other! 


~ Carol ~

Kristine has been a client since 2007 

My fitness life before Thunder Fitness was non existent.  I did not have a fitness routine until the day in 2007 that I passed an advertisement for a Bootcamp.  Intrigued as to what this class would be all about I picked up the phone and called the number on the flyer. That one phone call changed my life forever, for the better.  I started off by telling Jeremie I could only come once a week on Friday’s (my day off).  That lasted about 2 weeks, and from then on I have been training group, semi private, and 1:1 with Jeremie, 5 days a week for the last 8 years.


There were many obstacles that I had to overcome in order to achieve this.  Having a family with 2 small kids, running a business and a household, finding the time for myself was not easy.  That is why Thunder Fitness was the perfect fit.  The 5:30 am class was the perfect time.  It was a challenge at first  to get into the new routine of going to sleep earlier and waking up earlier, but after a few weeks it became my new lifestyle. 


Being a member of TF has effected my life in the most positive way.  It has effected me both physically and mentally.  Physically I have lost inches, have become more defined and toned in my muscles and have changed my eating habits for the better.  Mentally I approach my day with a much more positive attitude and overall happier self.


There is a sense of community, friendships, support and motivation at TF.  This support system starts with Jeremie.  He greets us each morning with a smile, and a new exciting workout each day. He challenges you when you don’t feel like being challenged.  He pushes you when you don’t feel like being pushed.  He modifies the exercises if he sees you are struggling or can handle more.


If you are considering joining  TF, or you are already part of the TF family and are struggling to continue with the program, I highly recommend Jeremie and Thunder Fitness.  After training with Jeremie for 8 years, I still continue to learn and improve each day.   I promise if you put your trust in him and follow his program you will see results and will be so glad that you did.  That one phone call changed my life, it can change yours too.


~ Kristine  

Larissa has been a client since 2007 

I have met Jeremie when he started the outdoor bootcamp at Kinnelon High School.  I am so glad I did!  I have never felt stronger or healthier! Jeremie is passionate about fitness and it shows through the energy and enthusiasm he brings to every session.  His easy going, always smiling, friendly personality creates a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere.  He makes each workout challenging, creative and most importantly fun, which sets the perfect foundation for success and a new healthier lifestyle for his clients.  Jeremie is a gem whom I very much appreciate having in my life as my amazing trainer, coach and friend.

In addition, I started doing private 1:1 sessions with Andre in the summer 2016. I wanted to take my fitness to the next level and work primarily on my upper body. Andre's approach is individualized, thorough, consistent, and challenging but all while having a good time. Andre is a great motivator, always pushes me and encourages me to test my own limits. I see a progress with every single work out. I have never been athletic and never really worked out prior to TF and yet I am amazed at what I have accomplished and now I feel better and stronger and can do things I never imagined. My pull ups are getting better and better, my push ups feel stronger every time. I am love the results and keep moving forward! 

~ Larissa 

Client since 2007

I'm Fitter & Stronger at 42 than I was at 24!

I have worked out on and off for over 20 years trying different workouts and gyms and just couldn’t get the results or motivation I wanted. When I came across an ad on facebook for Thunder Fitness I thought I would try something different. I'll be honest when I first walked in the gym and didn’t see the traditional gym equipment/machines I thought how good can this be but figured i'll give it a try. Let me tell you it was the best thing I ever did! In 6 months of being there I am fitter and feeling stronger at 42 than I was at 24. The trainers not only put together kick ass workouts that target different muscles everyday but they also take pride in making sure your posture and workouts are done the right way to avoid injury. I’ve never gone to a gym religiously and truly enjoyed working out until now. Thanks to Jeremie and Austin for making it fun and giving that extra push just when you want to give up because that has given me the results and motivation I've always wanted!